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An anoying bug!


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I have a very annoying bug in LORCommListener.exe

First why is it a console app instead of a service?

Anyway, What is happening is more than one instance of the app tries to run at the same time. The result is the computer is basically un-useable. The second instance keeps trying to start and when it happens the mouse and keyboard focus goes directly to the new instance of LORCommListener.

To reproduce;

I have S3 installed on a laptop; I have one LOR USB to 485 converter and one Enttec Pro connected.

Allow the computer to go to sleep, when the computer wakes up, the orginal instance of LORCommListener will still be running but for some reason another instance will try to start up. And as I said focus keeps going to the one trying to start up.

Most the time it takes a reboot to fix. Sometimes, I can fix it by opening the task manager and repeatedly try to end process until one of them finally shuts down.

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This has happened on a few people's computers. We are currently testing what we believe might be a fix; if it continues to hold up in testing, it will be released as part of version 3.2.

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