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CTB16PC - Ready To Go Controller

Scott Allen

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So I just got my first of 3 addon controllers last night (going from 16 to 64 channels this year!)and tested it out this morning. When I connected it to the PC and ran the hardware utility, it shows up as "Unknown Device" in the "Select Unit to Configure" dialog box. I can change the Unit ID, and it still controls the lights fine (dim, shimmer, and twinkle on all channels) though.

Should this be something I need to trouble shoot, or should I just go with it since it does what it's supposed to?


BTW, I don't have any screen shots because the show computer is in the garage and not connected to the interwebs.

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I'm guessing you are running S2 versions of the software.

If so, you've got nothing to worry about. The S2 software doesn't have one little line of text in one little file that describes the hardware. Why? The G3 controllers were not around when S2 was released.

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I have S3 3.1.4 and I think it's unknown I get on some of the controllers. It will count the number of controllers correctly, but does not always report what they are. In fact the unknown will move from one controller to the next each time I refresh. I keep refreshing and sooner or later they all report properly. It's annoying but does not affect the performance in any way.

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