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My LOR controlled sleigh


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Well I suppose it is too late for this year but
I finally have gotten around to putting my Empire sleigh and reindeer together.
Since I have had little work lately and they have changed my meds around for pain so that for the last couple of days I have actually felt somewhat human, I decided that I had to get this going.
I will have a CTB16D mounted up under the sleigh and will use all 16 channels for this.
1 channel for the sleigh
1 channel for Santa
1 channel for each deer (9 deer)
1 channel for Rudolf's nose
4 channels for the reins - I have 2 lenghts of red and green ropelight to run for reins so that I will be able to have red or green or chase them together!

I think that once this is up about 30 feet in the air off to one side of house (actually behind but above my mega tree) it will make a nice addition.

So here is the work so far today.
I am going to try and get the controller mounted tomorrow and the lights all wired up. That should make it pretty much ready to go other than the outside work I have to do to mount pulleys in a tree and a winch assembly on the side of my house to hoist it up.

Of course now I am thinking of making the whole thing move on the wire as well and run it from one side of my lawn to the other which would be approx. 150 feet.
But wouldn't that be wild!!

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Here are a few pictures of my Flying Reindeer and the drive system. The reindeer run on a cable 25' up on an old power pole. During the last song they reverse and get ready for the next show.

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I am working with a professional videographer to shoot the entire 43 minute show but that won't happen until sometime right after the first of the New Year as he is swamped with work right now. I will post the video on U tube when it is finished and place a link on LOR forums to the video.

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Well I finished up this project today, so it will be ready to go for next year.

I like the outcome and this should make for some fun sequencing for a couple of songs as well.

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Thanks Pepper

I hope it will be a nice addition to things. Using up a 16 channel card for it may be a bit excentric and excessive for this but I do have other people out looking for a couple of 40 foot radio towers for me to be able to run this back and forth across the property.
Now that and with it sequenced into a couple of songs should make it worthwhile and add some punch to things.
Plus the towers will let me finally display the 24 snowflakes that I have been sitting on and wondering what to do with. They should help make a great "star filled sky" for Santa to fly through.

I just wish Publishers Clearing House would call with that check so I could invest more in this obsession!!

Hope you have a great 2012 and your sleigh and mega tree looked fantastic!


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Wow, those are both awesome.

I've always wanted to have a santa, sleigh and 9 reindeer in my display. Are these available for purchase someplace?



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I noticed that the URL were not complete so I fixed them and posted the pictures below.

I see that Rudolf is not the same as the others, who made him. I know how to get the set from the new manufacture but I like him being different so where did he originate from?











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