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Erratic performance of half our CCRs

Gerald Corey

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We are running 12 CCRs with a star. Ribbons 1 through 6 are on the main network and 7 through 12 are on the Aux. A network. We purchased 3 of Brian's sequences and have done two of our own that we run with the rest of our lights.
The first six ribbons seem to work flawlessly. The second six seem to have a mind of their own with little segments of a few pixels here and there lighting with their own colors and movements. We know Brian didn't program them that way!
When we first installed them we updated the hardware and the first six went smoothly and we had to re-do the others a couple times. They were tested with the hardware manager and we thought things were fine. Also have done resets on the ribbons and no different performance. Have also run the verifier and no conflicts. When running the sequences in or out of a show we still get random performance. Did the 3.1.4 download and it didn't seem to make much of a difference.
We did have to replace the #7 ribbon (thanks, Dan & Mary!) and are wondering if the other 5 ribbons are defective in some way too.
Noticed some other CCR users have had some similar problems as well.
The display still provides enjoyment and our visitors don't realize that there are problems, but we do!
Thanks for any suggestions or ideas.

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did you check to make sure the ribbons are in Normal mode rather than Legacy mode? Some have reported that some ribbons came configured as Legacy giving odd behavior.

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did you try a reset?

Unplug power form controller...hold in button and plug in power..

CCR should cycle thru it's pixels in the three colors (Red, Blue Green)

If that works, I would try hooking them up to another controller and see if they work right.

I had a controller go out on me last week...

Also...I know the sequences I bought from Brian came with two choices...either controller at the bottom or controller at the top (though I doubt this is your problem if half the CCR's are working properly).

Have you assigned Aux A to the correct Comm Port? It shouldn't be the same as your regular channels...

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Gerald, you might want to do a self test on the ribbons and controllers by holding the reset button in while powering up the controller. See if they behave correctly there. I had two defective ribbons (and I only ordered two) right out of the box. They were exchanged no questions asked. I just had another ribbon and/or controller die this evening. Unless you have these things perfectly flat on a solid material that won't bend, they are simply too flimsy, IMHO, to use any other way. I, personally, won't buy any more.


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I have 4 ribbons and I had to move them to a different network.
If 4 is too much for one then I suspect 6 would be as well..

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