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Controller wont work and smells


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I have a couple issues. I had some bad network cables. Fixed that today. I found two of my controllers, the LED's were not lit. I also notice a smell. I brought one of the controllers in to the garage and the fuses are intact, but I noticed the label on the power supply is melted. I had tested this one prior to installing it in the enclosure. I didn't test afterwards, everything went together very well. I noticed the same smell in the other enclosure. Unfortunately that one has three controllers in the enclosure and is pretty committed to its location.

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The 9-16 side powers the electronics, so while you may have good fuses, you also want to make sure you have 120V feeding the board..both sides, or the 9-16 side, depending on whether you are using 1 or 2 power cords.

Most reliable way to test is to use the hardware utility, direct connection from your computer, without any other controllers in between. That eliminates a lot of other variables.

So if you definitely have good fuses, have 120VAC to the board, and no LED, then the troubleshooting guide 9attached here) is a good next step. You'll need a voltmeter to do a lot of the checks.

If you have two units with this exact same issue, you will want to also take a step back and look at what is common with the two of them...as you may possibly have a bigger issue causing the controllers to fail.

Attached files Kit_Troubleshooting_Guide.pdf

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