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Made the old 12 strand CCR tree out of an old tv tower, figured 1/2 inch conduit would work to strap the ribbons to to keep them straight. 2 10ft sections with a connector in the middle. Had a plywood 3 ft by 3 ft star on top....real solid....too solid...had 70 mile an hour winds the other night. It took the plywood star and twisted the entire unit i heard the first 2 snap and just made it out to watch a third snap. Luckily the wife( who wasn't to happy at me for waking her up at 1am) and i got the other 9 down before they broke. Thought the 3 were pooched, but after testing they are alright... 15 below celcius and the were bent in every direction, the ribbons are tough. Needless to say this time i used rope and no plywood star, gives the ribbon some flex and wind can rip on through. Getting good at putting up the tree ....merry christmas everyone

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