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ctb16 under dmx control

Alan Hanson

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Hi. I'm wanting to control 6 of my CTB16KpvV1 16 channel AC boards via dmx with S3 with an open-dmx clone adaptor. I'm currently running the 6 boards via usb-rs232 and rs232-rs485 lor adaptor and the 4 dc dmx boards (with 3 more to connect) via dmx. The S3 to open-dmx to dmx works fine so that's no problems. According to what I've read the CTB16Kpc v1 that I'm using needs to be using at least version 4.2 firmware so I've flashed 5 of them to 4.2 and the closest 1 to the pc to 4.3 (could be 4.32. My memory doesn't serve me too well and controllers are blinking away right now and can't be interuppted). I've made up a crossover adaptor to go from the esta format rj45 to the lor format rj45 and checked it a bucket load of times. I have so far not had any luck getting the ctb16 to work under dmx control. On the site search here and mr google haven't told me if it is definitely possible.
Hoping to here that it is possible as it will save me having to get a bunch more cat 5 cables to run duplicate networks all over my huge front yard.


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I'm not following your connections but the ctb16pc will run off DMX. I would update the firmware to the latest just to be safe.

Check out the LOR Info section on this link. It has a bunch of helpful information on integrating DMX devices and pin outs.


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