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converting to DMX


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If i want to convert my LOR boxes to DMX can I use my LOR USB Dongle and regular CAT5 cables?

I assume this would be a software change only in LOR S3.

I am guessing they stay the same and that if I then want to go from a LOR box to a Lynx box I will need to modify a CAT5 cable between the LOr and Lynx box only.

The LOR boxes don't have a start channel setting only a box ID. I assume I use the ID still for DMX but translate 1 to end channel of 16 in the DMX count and unit 2 would be DMX channels 17-32.

Please let me know if I have any of this wrong.

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Important caveat here: I'm not a hardware guy, and I do not know that all LOR controllers can use DMX protocol. I know that at least some of them can. If you have any question on whether your particular controller can, I suggest asking on our help desk.

With that said, assuming your LOR controller can handle DMX protocol, it can do so through a regular LOR USB485 adapter, using regular cables. The only changes required would be on the software end (such as in the Sequence Editor's Network Preferences screen).

If by "Lynx box", you mean a Lynx DMX adapter, I do believe it requires a special cable, but I don't know the details of it. If you mean something else, I don't know.

Your description of how to set the address range of an LOR controller in DMX mode sounds accurate to me.

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The connection between the LOR box and the first LE needs to be as defined on the DIYLA site. Then from LE to LE it is standard CAT5.

On the LOR site is a table that provide the LOR ID to DMX ID. You just have to make sure you account for the Hex ID boxes.

On my website, in the How-To, look at the DMX Basics (from Chicagoland) material. I have a list of LOR boxes that support the DMX512 protocol. That material does not take into consideration the changes for S3

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