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CCR Color Problem


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I have 2 CCRs soldered end to end and 1 CCR running by itself. The first CCR of the 2 end to end is having a problem with white and yellow. The white has a red tinge to it and the yellow looks orange. The second CCR that is soldered to it is running correct colors. My 3rd CCR is running fine as well

Would this be a soldering or wiring issue at the controller.? Would the Cat 5 cable running along with the power cable cause this.?

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Jeff Millard wrote:

Are you providing a separate power source to the second ribbon on the two connected end to end? One power supply is not sufficient to power both ribbons.


Thanks for the reply Jeff. I have 2 power supplies. After checking both power supplies I noticed that the controller power supply wasn't working. Turns out to be a faulty extension cord.:D
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