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Controller Not Recognized

Bob Musil

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I have 4 1602W controllers, each using ELLs. Numbers 1-3 all work fine. Number 4 is not being recognized at all. The LED in the ELL is not lighting up at all, and the LED in the controller just flashes.

I have tried switching ELLs, with no success. I have checked both fuses, and they are testing okay on my cheapo tester. I have tried different house circuits, with no luck. I have tried resetting by powering off the unit, waiting 15 seconds, rotating the channel selectors several time and back to 00, powering on (which gave me a very fast blinking LED in the controller), powering off and restting to 04. Nothing has helped.

Any suggestions? I do not know what the firmware version is, but I think I bought this unit in either 06 or 07.


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