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Board Won't Power


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I have a blue board deluxe kit.

Last year it would power off randomly and a tap of the power input would do the trick for an hour or so.

At the end of the show last year I pulled it down and did not see any apparent solder issues but re-soldered just to be sure. I powered it up and left it on for 48 hours with no power loss.

Problem solved, right? Hardly. It started doing the same thing again and now it powered down and will not turn on at all. But I have power past the fuse.

I have never used the hot jumper in the middle and do not know what it is for so I am hesitant to try it without checking. I am starting to lose the faith.

Would the jumper work or any other ideas?

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Ok, I dont have a Circuit Board in front of me. So, the following is a best guess (like Spock in journey home). Once the incoming power passes the fuse on the 9-16 side. It goes to the transformer via the 110 or 220V tap via jumpers. Give this part of the board a good looking at. Also the area around the diodes and voltage regulators. Bet if you take the back side of a screwdriver (plastic handle) and start tapping around on the board. That power will start to come and go. Might be able to make the taps real light that will localize the problem. Give it a try, nothing to loose.

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