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Comtroller Not Being Recognized


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I have another controller that is acting up on me. I had this problem before, but it was because I had the unit id set to 00 for reset.

This is a blue board 40 amp deluxe kit. I tested this controller weeks ago and it was working fine. Now when I power it up the LED flashes very fast and the hardware utility will not recognize it. I double checked to make sure it is set to 11.

I tried powering it off, removing it from the network and setting the ID to 00, Waited 30 seconds, turned it off, set it back to 11 and it still will not work. My show starts tomorrow.

My series numbering is as follows
01,02,03,04,05,06,07,08,09,0A, 0B,0C,0D,0E,10,11,12.

Please help, anyone

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