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residential or commercial controllers


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im looking into buying my first lor set up but cant decide which one to get is there a big difference between the 2 question i need to know in basic english

do they do the same thing ?? as im new should i start off with the residential ??

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The diffrence from the showtime and the PC controllers if you are going to run your display from your computer or the Mp3 director the Planet Christmas controller is a cheaper route to go the major diffrences are the Showtime Pro has a metal housing and has standalone capabilities normally used for signs and other uses where the controller gets a small sequence downloaded into for animation only use this chart from lors web page probably can say it better than I can



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Residential is the best way to go if you want to
save money. You save even more when you buy the
CTB16PC kits. As far as power goes, it depends
what you're powering and what kind of light you
use, be it C7, C9, mini, or LED series. If you
have a lot of incandescent lights, it's a good
idea to order a LightORama controller with
a heatsink in it.

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The poster is in the United Kingdom. He needs to check with LOR as to the availability of models for export with the English (UK) style plugs.

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Thanks for all the replys and advice @ John yes I'm in the uki have emailed light-o-Rama a few times. But no reply I guess there going through a busy spell but after lots of research I have found that they can be used in the uk on 240v 50 I just have to change the plugs . As I said I have never used this before and I'm excited to get started so all the help with be very much appreciated
Many thanks again dan

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