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I have been running LOR S2 for a couple of years now.

I just had a major computer crash and am working on restoring everything. It is actually going pretty well considering. Fortunatly, I have everything backed up....while I am restoring, I did just upgrade to the latest S3 version and I hope that isn't the cause of my problem.

I have all of my .LSS files from the sets that I built in show editor BUT, My problem is this, I can't find the file that has the actual schedule that I had built to run in schedule editor.

Can anyone direct me to what that extention might be and or where it normally resides so I can hopefully find and restore it?

My schedule is a somewhat complex series of show start and stops and would be a bit of a pain to reproduce. I really thought I had everything backed up but this one has me stumped!

Thanks in advance,


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There are two schedule files: "weeksched.lsc" and "yearsched.lsc" (they may show up as just "weeksched" and "yearsched", depending on how you have Windows configured).

LOR looks for them in the directory above your default Sequences directory (i.e. the directory that the Sequence Editor will save a new sequence to, unless you explicitly tell it to save somewhere else).

For example, if your default Sequences directory is C:UsersCraigMy DocumentsLight-O-RamaSequences, then LOR will look for your schedule files in C:UsersCraigMy DocumentsLight-O-Rama.

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