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I just ordered my Brain and 3 flood lights and I have many questions.

1)am I correct in understanding I will be able to daisy chain the three floods together via a cat-5 cable?
2)In the LOR software what option do I select to assign the brain to?
3)I read that I will be able to use 15 channels and of those I need three for each flood light, is that correct?
4) One channel for each color?
5)I set the color by the intensity of the three colors?

Thanks everyone!


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1...You can daisy chain up to 2 floods together on one port...3 is pushing it for the cat-5 cabling. The voltage drop you will see will greatly decrease the brightness of the floods on the chain.

2...This is going to depend what you are using to communicate to the Brain. If you are using the iDMX, set it up as a regular LOR network. If you are using some sort of DMX dongle (i.e. Enttec) you need to setup a DMX network based on the port that the dongle is using on the computer.

3...You don't need the 15 channels anymore as the software supports RGB channels now. You would create 5 RGB channels (which equal 15 individual channels) per Brain. Set up the unit ID if you are using the iDMX or the Brain address if you are using a DMX dongle of some sorts. Than each channel gets a number, 1 to 15.

4...Yes, each port gets its own grouping of channels. For example, Jack 1 gets channels 1, 2 and 3. (Note: This is only if this is the first DMX device in the chain.)

5...You don't need to use intensities anymore. With RGB channels you just pick the color and the software will set the intensities for you.

This document (found on our Downloads page) shows you to setup RGB channels. Just a note here, this was based on the software version 2.8.6 but for the most part it is still the same.


Also note that if you are using a DMX network the channel IDs will be different as well.

Hope that helps.


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Thanks Greg,

I set my DIP switch to 9 (1 and 4 on) but it still can't be found in the hardware utility. Is that normal?

The green light is on and I noticed on the flood I have connected that there are a few red lights are on but very light. is this okay?

Thanks again

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You will only find LOR devices in the LOR hardware utility. You will not find any DMX devices, including the Brain.

No, there should be no lights on if you don't have them on. Send an email to support@seasonalentertainmentllc.com or open support ticket and we can trouble shoot for you.


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