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Question about multi-network setups


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After being plagued with random communication cable problems last year, I have decided to break my 41 box show into a number of smaller networks. The hope is that it will help me quickly track down problems.

While running a test, I was seeing something that was unusual:
My sequence references several networks, and I had each network set up properly in Network Preferences. The thing was that when I was running my test, I only had ONE of the RS485 converters connected to my PC. When I ran the sequence, it was misfiring like crazy on the network I was testing, and when I tried to stop the sequence, it took about 15 seconds to respond.

I then went to Network Preferences, and disassociated the networks that were not hooked up to RS485 converters. My network I was testing then worked like a champ.

So, is this something to be expected? I am guessing that what is happening is that the PC is sending out signals on the COM ports that don't have RS485 converters, and those COM ports aren't getting expected replies, causing trouble.

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I think the show player or sequence editor is trying to make system calls to use those com ports that do not exist, and since they don't, it takes some time to error out those commands. Trying to do this is messing up the data stream on the one that does actually exist.

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