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New song being released


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I found this great new song on Youtube. I would love to have it in my show and I am working on sequencing it but I was wondering if anyone else has listened this song and if anyone is or has sequenced it and willing to share.



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wow, what a great version of the song, I love the classic, but modern take on it. The video rocks too. Thanks for sharing that.

I might do that one for next year...

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I emailed them to see if there is a way to get a copy of the song before december 5th. Amazon in the UK has it for sale now, but it would take 2-3 weeks to get up here in Alaska. If they say yes, and I can get a legal copy, then I will get is sequenced pretty quick. 4 minute song should only take about 8 hours to program. Ahh it's just one night's worth of sleep! =)

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Please keep us updated. I would love to add this to my show this year.

Someone posted a link to a program that can pull audio from the video. Anyone remember what program it was?

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I have the song... I can send it out to anyone who'd like to use it for sequencing purposes, and then you can purchase it when it is released.
All I ask is that you please send me a copy of your sequence when you're done (especially anyone with an RGB setup)... I really like this song, but I'm so far behind this year, that I dont know if I can add much more to my to-do list.

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