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  1. I have 9 16 channel controllers and 1 8 channel controller for sale. $100 each plus shipping. Let me know if you are interested. Jim
  2. Bryan, could I have a copy? jimboaverill@gmail.com Thank you!
  3. Could I get a copy? Thanky you Jimboaverill@gmail.com
  4. James, could I get a copy? jimboaverill@gmail.com Thank you
  5. Well, would it be possible to gat a copy as well? Thanks!! Jim jimboaverill@gmail.com
  6. I know it is kinda late but could i get a copy? Jimboaverill@gmail.com Thank you!
  7. Love a copy also jimboaverill@gmail.com Jim
  8. I to would like to get a copy if possible? Thanks Jimboaverill@gmail.com
  9. Would you mind sharing it with me? jimboaverill@gmail.com Thanks for sharing!
  10. Count me in as someone who would like to see. Thank you Jim jimboaverill@gmail.com
  11. Add me to the list of people wanting to see, thank you! jimboaverill@gmail.com
  12. That looks awesome Jim! Any chance you could share the details with me? My goal this year is to add a snowman that sings. Jim
  13. Last year someone gave me a copy and I modified it for my show. Here is what I ended up with. Jim
  14. Jimboaverill@gmail.com, thanks
  15. Does anyone know why I am unable to see the video or link or whatever there was? Jim
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