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Programming Help - Interactive trigger w/looping animation


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I've got a situation where I'd like the following to happen:

I have an animation that is a minute long and endlessly loops. This animation will bring on lights and create a "look" for in between shows. This animation would ultimately run whenever the below mentioned musical sequence isn't running.

In this same show - I'd like to have a giant red button that can be pressed that would start a musical sequence.

My problem seems to be that I want the looping animation to fade out before playing the musical sequence, and then fade back in and continue looping AFTER it plays the musical sequence.

I can't figure out how to do this. I have an advanced license, so I can use any option people suggest.

I hope that make sense. Essentially - the lights will have a "no show playing" animation that turns off when the triggered musical sequence plays and turns back on after the musical sequences is completed.

HELP! I'll take any creative solution somebody can come up with.

Many thanks,


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