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CCR's and hardawre set up

Kieren James

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Hi everyone

I just need to check that l'm not doing anything wrong.

As a newbee to LOR and light sequencing there is a fair chance l have got it wrong.


My 12 new ccr's arrived last week, which is great news.

I have now found the time to set up all the unit ID's and test it all before placing them on the tree frame

I have followed the instructions in the manual

And managed to update the units ID address and the comms port.

Not as hard as l thought, as it was my first time

Then the next step was to test that they worked.

So l pushed the test button on the hardware config screen

No worries, all look as it should on the screen compared to the manual.

Then l selected the steady on option, and pushed ön at 100%

And presto, the pixels came on and the CCR light up.

My joy soon pasted as l it was not the whole ribbon

it was only for the first 6 groups of 3.

I thought, may be it might be a faulty ribbon so l change it to another one.

And the same thing happened.

So l thought it must be me, so reviewed all my settings but l carn't see anything that would make this happen.

So l'm left wondering

Is the how they work on the Hardware Utility or should they all light up?

If they should all light up what have l done wrong?

I'm sure there is a simple answer, but l have now spent several hours tring to work it out and failed.

Any help would be really appreciated

thanks! :?

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Try this:

From the Hardware Utility click on [ Console ]

On the Console screen lower right, select [ Extended Circuit Ids ]

Use the center slider to select each range of Channels to test.

Use the sliders at the top to select the Intensity, I suggest just setting the Master to 100 %

Be sure the Lower Left box has Standard Controller selected

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