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I have been setting up a LOR show for 3 years, i have just discovered RGB. I would like to set up RGB ribbons and such with LOR. I know there are CCRs but im not a fan of the cost. I would like to know how you set up, and how the idmx-1000 works. I know nothing about DMX. from what i know it can control 514 channels. I would like to know how to set this up with my LOR set up.

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DMX supports 512 channels in a Universe (network) Check out my How-To on my webpage. There are 2 presentations that will get you going with DMX and DMX with LOR. The detailed presentation will have more about LOR. Check those reference materials and start asking questions.

If you are using S3, you don't need an iDMX. You need a DMX dongle such as an Enttec Pro. There are threads that cover what additional dongles are supported or have been tested.

For RGB Ribbons, if you don't want to use LOR CCRs, you need to look into a DIY controller or way to drive the DIY RGB ribbon. Again there are threads that cover this as well.

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I have viewed your presentation, but i still do not fully understand how to set up a LOR DMX display,
how to all of the channels work together?
I have heard of people setting up a second network to cope for lagging, if you know about this, care to explain?

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If you run an iDMX, it is another controller in your network just like any LOR controller. In your sequence you set up the controller the exact same way you do any other controller. Just the iDMX controls 512 channels.

I ran 480 channels last year, a mix of LOR/DMX. I had all my channels on the same network with no "lagging" issues, including a mix of DIY/DMX and wireless. No problems.

I also run a lot of ELLs, so I have a lot of controller clusters that reduce the amount of CAT5 between controllers.

Those that had lagging problems are running thousands of channels, and yes, at that point, splitting up networks makes sense.

For each network you spawn from your computer, you define it in your sequences as well. You can see this today if you select any channel in your sequence with the Left Mouse Button. You will see a Network pull down. You select the network you want to split. For each network you have, you have to have a USB Converter, so 2 Networks, 2 converters. Then they feed out to the controllers on that network.

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So how does the hookup work....computer to usb network box, to first controller, to idmx, to dmx controller?

how do the 512 channels get power from a dmx controller? from what i see they usually have rgb wires and a positive negative terminal....is there a larger dmx controller that requires terminals for each circuit?

i am trying to find a cheaper solution by using dmx rather than purchasing all those lor boxes.....

I can't picture what is needed when using dmx....

i did see a picture of bare bones lor controllers with no power cords hooked to a dmx controller...is this what is needed? do lor boxes still control the power to the lights?

any help would be appreciated.

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What you need to understand is some of the parts.

DMX Dongle - promotes the DMX signal out to the universe. This can be an LOR iDMX, Enttec, Lynx or other DMX dongle, check out the LOR supported DMX dongle listing, a new one was just published with LOR 3.1 being released.

DMX Controller - Interfaces the DMX signal to the DMX device, in your specific area of interest, this is some RGB element. Typically this is some DIY type controller, or some commercially bought product.

The universe interconnect (network) is Computer->USB->DMX Dongle->DMX Controller->DMX Controller.

The DMX controller branches to RGB elements. The limitation of the controller needs to be understood to determine what it can drive in terms of channels.

As far as power, for RGB elements - Power (5V/12V) CAN come from the controller, or a separate stand alone power supply. It depends on the the equipment you are choosing to use. It needs to be understood what your RGB element power requirements are, and the available power via controller or external power supply.

You are asking very vague questions. It is difficult to give you a direct answers without knowing what you want to do. There are some RGB discussion here on LOR, but a lot of them happen in other forums. DIYLA - DIYC - Aus Chrismas Lighing.

Understanding which RGB devices you want to drive, what equipment you want to drive it with, and do you HAVE to stay within LOR for sequencing, all these are important basics to have a grasp of. There are other sequencing options for DMX/RGB. LOR is getting better at managing the thousands of potential DMX channels RGB elements require.

Your LOR investment in controllers is preserved, as they can be AC dimmers if you chose to go all DMX, which DMX can be cheaper, in some respects, but not always.

My material is mainly DMX based. Once you get into RGB, it helps to understand DMX, as that is the primary protocol, but RGB is a whole new concept beyond DMX as far as equipment, power and interconnect.

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