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S2 and S3 Together


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I am not here for 6 months or so and there is a new version out!

I would like to know if you take a sequence "programmed" on a S3 PC, will it play on a PC running S2. Reason I ask is the PC that runs my show is running Windows 2000 Server but shows are developed on XP and/or Win7 PC's. Don't really want to upgrade server to 2003 or later for resource reasons, besides MB has got ISA slots for DIO cards and is only a PIII. Plenty for the tasks it is doing under Win2K - mail and file server, video survelliance and of course light shows . . .

Also will S3 still work with Dlight AC8's and DC16's?

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A S3 sequence "may" open on a S2 machine, but the new features in S3 won't work (groups, visualizer, etc). Not sure about the Dlight stuff.

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In a recent post by Don:

Don wrote:
"I had this conversation with Bob a few weeks ago. From the email...

Any earlier version of LOR will make an attempt at loading a save file written by a newer version. If the earlier version is LOR 1, the attempt will fail miserably. If the early version is LOR 2, then depending upon exactly what the old version is, what the new version is, and what features were used in the save file, it may or may not successfully load at all, and even if it loads it may not support all of the functionality from the sequence, and could possibly think that it understands something that it actually misunderstands.

In this case, using an S3 file with the latest version of S2:
It definitely will not work if the sequence uses any channel groups (with the possible exception of RGB channels) - won't even load successfully.

If the sequence uses channel locking, S2 will not support that feature, but I don't think it will cause it to be unable to load the sequence.

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Thanks for the replies but I think I need to explain myself better . . .

The server running S2 will NOT be opening the file to edit it in the Sequence Editor.
It will only be opening it in the background via Schedule Editor/Control Panel to output the data onto the LOR network i.e. a stream of 0's and 1's.

If the data stream is compliled differently for S3 then has a hardware firmware upgrade been neccessary? If this is the case, then my Dlight AC8 and DC16 will not work?

Another way of looking at it - is the new stuff in S3 just smart flowery GUI stuff but the datastream is the same format as S2?

Like Excel 2010 can still output files in Excel 2000 format (*.xls) but the GUI in 2010 is so called easier for a newbie to use . . .

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Regardless of which particular component within the LOR Software Suite is opening the sequence the factors above will come into play.

I think your best bet is going to be to give it a test run and see.

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