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DMX Input Button?


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Say for my setup the some of the lights are on normally, then when the input button is pushed, the lights shut off and a sequence starts.

Is there something like a button a viewer can push and it starts a random (or cycled/selected) sequence? I use DMX, is there a DMX input button?

Also would it be possible to play/loop a random intermission song between sequences? Then when the input is activated a sequence is played. Then when the sequence is done, it reverts back to a random intermission song?

Thank you!

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The LOR protocol supports 2 way communication, which allow triggers to communicate back to the show PC. Typical DMX does not. There is no current support for DMX triggers that I know of. I expect that when we see it, it will be the LOR PC listening to a different universe, (that it is not generating) and triggering off values in user specified channels.

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Read up on trigger inputs, just a portion of the info:

Some Light-O-Rama controllers can be used not only to control lights, but also to accept input that can be used to trigger a sequence or sequences. For example, your display might have several buttons for people to press, each of which will cause Light-O-Rama to play some particular song on demand.

This is controlled through the Interactive Section of a show. Unlike the other sections of a show, the Show Editor's "Interactive" tab displays not sequences, but groups of sequences, known as "interactive groups". Each group matches individual circuits on individual controllers with individual sequences to be played when those circuits are triggered.

Only one musical sequence can be playing at any given time. Therefore, if a musical sequence from an interactive group is triggered, any musical sequence that happens to already be playing will be stopped (for one exception to this, see the "Jukebox" type of interactive group, below).

· Types of Interactive Groups

· Jukebox

· Soundboard

· Magic Toy

· Choosing Sequences for a Group

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