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I am having an issue with a motor on a prop I built for Halloween, so I thought I would come to the experts and ask for input.

Background: I am using a motor, low RPM, circular motion motor (5-7rpm) for a prop. I ran an animation sequence tonight, that was just for the lights. I have the power for the motor (a DC motor, wired with an AC adapter wall wart) wired to a channel on a controller. In the sequence, that channel either gets full power or zero power, no fades/shimmers or anything of the sort.

After running for about 3 hrs, I went out to check on things and I had two issues:
1) I had a strobe ticking (still scratching my head on this)
2) My motor had stopped working. When i move it, it does 1 revolution and stops in the same place. If I move it, it will do 1 rev, and then stop again (in the same place)

So I am not certain what is causing either of the issues, but looking for some advice. Thanks in advance.


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LOR discourrages the use of "Inductive Loads"
I dont run motors, but I do run several transformers with my setup, and it has worked fine. My devices are verry low amperage.
Anywy, I think the BEST thing to do, is use the chanel to trigger a relay, and let the relay complete the circuit to the motor power.

It also sounds like the motor may be burning out - stopping in a particular place in the rotation is a sign of that. This COULD be caused by the mechanical load of the prop on the motor.

The strobe could be a channel stuck on (or are you saying you HEARD it ticking ?)

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I also am using the Christmas light show ones. All of them ( I have 15) are good, except the one that "ticks" really loud, (compared to the others). It still lights, so that is good, but because it's different, it just concerned me.

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Hmm that Is a little strange that it's louder than the rest... Mine r all pretty much the same as far as the noise goes. I did have 1 out of the 25 I ordered last year that was faulty. Didn't even light up.

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