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CTB-16DV6 compared to V5

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I purchased two used CTB16D controllers...received them yesterday..did not even think to ask about version when I purchased them...and one is a V5. Both are blue boards.

I still need to fire them up and test, and verify they have the most current firmware, but hoping to get some insight on the differences between the V5 and V6 boards (all of my existing D boards are V6...)..

Were there significant hardware/design changes from V5 to V6...or purely a firmware upgrade?

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Are the V6 ones running 4.40? 4.40 was released to support a change in how the pins on the microcontroller are connected to the header. Nothing really of significance that anyone is aware of that is different.

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The newest current firmware that a V5 will take is 4.32. There is no documented functional difference between 4.32 and 4.40. About a year ago, LOR announced a future firmware upgrade tool that will be able to determine what hardware version is plugged in, and download the correct firmware automatically. I don't expect any new firmware releases until the new hardware utility is ready.

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