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CCR Technical Question....


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Just received my CCR's this weekend and started testing each one to make sure they all worked.

Well...the very first one out of the box had a section that quit working after I rolled it out. I set it aside and coninued to test the others.

After I was done, I tested the first one again...and now no "dead" section.

Any idea what would cause this?
Can it reset itself in some way?
Or perhaps a bad connection and it "reconnected"?


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Jeff Millard wrote:

When I was dealing with these problems, someone suggested that I heat up all the surface mount solder connections as that might be the problem. I connected one of the failed sections to a controller then heated up each connection then tested for repair. This hasn't worked on any of the failed pixels, so I don't think the problem is with bad solder joints.


Thanks Jeff...

In my case it was ALL colors not working in a section, though I don't remember how large that section was but certainly more than the three LED's (maybe as many as 9 or 12)...so initially I had thought that I had perhaps cracked or broke one of the solder joints by accident.

I will run it for a longer period tonight and see what happens.
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