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usb rs485 2 networks

Dennis Laff

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When using 12 ccr's Brain B says to use two usb-rs485 adapters how do you do that to get two networks on one comm port anybody have any advice thanks Dennis Laff

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You are not putting two connectors on one comm ports. Each US485 will have it's own comm port.

Go to Edit -> Preferences -> Network Preferences (in the sequence editor) to configure your networks.

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When you are want to keep your channel count per network down to say 600 channels per network, you may utilize a network hub into your setup. Suggest a powered four port hub and follow below:

•Plug your multi port hub input to your PC Com port that you use for LOR.
•Plug in your USB-ISO Adaptor to one of the Multi-Port Hub outputs, & network cables to your controllers
•Plug your second or third USB-ISO Adapter in to the other Hub outputs.
•Power up the Hub
•Power up your Controllers
•Go to Windows/Control Panel/Device Manager (as administrator)
•Open up the Device Manager
•Open up Ports (COM & LPT)
•This tells me that the PC is sees a COM3 and COM 4 coming out of the hub to my two networks.
You need to know which COM your computer is assigning to each of your adapters. Just remember that each time your PC starts up, it will look to assign the same COM port it sees from the Hub. If you want to change a port location in the hub, each time you remove and replub into the hub you should see the results in the Device Manager. These COM assignments need to be used in your preferences for your LOR channel configurations. You can confirm with Hardware Utility also.

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Hi Dennis

How dis it all go?

I have to do the same thing for my CCR's

I'm just waiting for them to be delivered

Any tips or tricks l should watch out for?


Jerome j


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