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What would you do?

T. Bennett

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Well the wonderful wife surprised me by buying my 1st CCR this year (w/ the sale). I expressed my extreme desire to get one, but she thought we should wait till next year, but i guess she changed her mind.

That being said, if you had 1 CCR what would you do with it? (short of buying more of course)

A little bit about our display.... We have 64 channels and I run 2 arches with LEDs and a 16 channel Weber tree (LED). Other than these we run 8 mini trees 2 channels each and the normal house lighting.

SO I am looking for recommendations for the use of my 1 CCR...


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I like that idea as well...would you terribly mind sharing the sequence? I have no idea where to start on sequencing it, seeing something like this would be a great help.


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I had a thought to do a star with it as well. Do you have a pictures? What did you make your star from?

Also, what do you think about the sequencing? Is it difficult? I would love to get one somewhere and see what others have done as a starting point.

Thanks for the input!

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