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Enclosure for CMB16D?


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I only need something to accommodate the LOR board and the wires running in-out of it (I have a IP67 waterproof power supplies).

The measurements of the board are:
102mm x 128mm

Dimensions screw center to screw center
94mm x 119mm

I would prefer 50-63mm tall for wire management.

I need 5 of them, but can't seem to find anything cheaper than $22/box (and that's not including shipping charges to Canada).

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Do you have a HomeDepot or Lowes near you? I know they have large plastic electrical boxes.. Other possibility is a HabitatForHumanity (a sort of Goodwill-type store), In the US its calle the ReStore where contractors and public donate their construction stuff left over from home builds.. I've got several circuit breaker boxes from there, metal (groundable), large enough for 3-4 cards and have knockout holes for running the wires thru, just get plastic grommets to prevent chaffing the dongles.

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Hey guys, Thanks for the replies.. I checked out all the local hardware stores and found very little... the best one that wasnt overkill was $30 + tax.

I looked around a little more online and found what appears to be some decent ones at mouser.com

I guess this is a good time to get some CCR enclosures while im at it:D.

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