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Connecting RGB Spot to DC board


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I have some RGB spotlights that I am trying to connect to the LOR DC board. The spotlights have a Red, Blue, Green, and Black common wire on them. The DC board has a positive and negative terminal on each channel.

Am I correct to assume that the Red, Green, and Blue wires connect to the positive terminal on the LOR board for each channel and the common needs to be split into three and connected to each of the negative terminals for each channel? If so, what would be the best way to split one wire into three separate wires?

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The LOR DC board shares the same positive connection.
You will need 1 wire each for the colors and 1 wire only for the +12VDC connection.

For example;
Channel 1 (-) gets the wire for red
Channel 1 (+) gets the COM wire (black)
Channel 2 (-) gets the wire for green
Channel 2 (+) not used
Channel 3 (-) gets the wire for blue
Channel 3 (+) not used

Went through this myself :-) Hope it helps!

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The positive terminals for all channels (on one side) of the DC board are connected to the positive supply. That is, the DC board is common-positive, and controls the negative leads.

Fortunately, almost all RGB lights are also common positive. That is, the red, green, and blue leads connect to the negative terminal for each channel, and the common (black) wire connects to a positive terminal (it doesn't need to be split).

If you happen to find an RGB light that is wired with common negatives, then you can't connect it (directly) to a DC controller. One way of solving that problem would be to use a PNP bipolar power transistor for each channel.

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