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Drawing CCR in visualizer

Ron Amedee

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Been playing with programming CCR's . Have spent about 40 hours and now getting the hang of it all.

If you want to get into CCR's I suggest you get started EARLY with the sequencing..Big learning curve !!!

Add a CCR

Open your visualizer and go to the draw screen an minimize the grid a few times.

When picking channels only pick the first pixel from each channel, not the colored ones. Add onto grid and skip a space between each pixel. Do that fifty times and then you are set for playing around with it.

Picking colors with the fade tool takes some time to master. If you want a solid color choose same color on both ends of the fade. I found when using the fade you must highlight at least two frames at a time or it will do a fill.

I do my time grid and on each frame i add an extra timing mark to obtain the two frames within the beat/Measure you are working on. I put the second timing mark pretty close to the original starting mark (experiment for your taste) The further away from original timing mark the longer the lights stay lit per beat/measure.

HAVE FUN !!!!!

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Hey Ron thanks!!...

I too decided last night to look at the CCR stuff in the sequence editor and my first thought was "there must be an easy way to get all these channels into the visualizer".

The second thing I saw that I did not understand (and could not find in any of their manuals) was what the last 7 channels were for (151 - 157) and how they work. If I was reading it right, I think one was for macros?

It was all greek to me...

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Still learning the micro's myself...The last 7 control speed, intensity, chase etc.

I downloaded the manual....Still learning to speak GEEK !!!!!:shock::cool:

Tryed to upload my practice CCR sequence to post but say's file is to large !!!

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OMG that looks like it'll be a fun learning curve on those....thankfully I am only planning on using them for arches this year (save myself some time). I better get my new items built so when the summer sale starts I can get my CCR's and get plugging away on those.

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keithd wrote

would you provide the settings you used to set up your test? When I run it it does not use all the channels

When you downloaded my animation sequence all my settings should be there.

I did not use any micros there should just be 50 pixals. CCR is set to unit 1

If you go to view and open visulizer you should see the animation.
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[align=left]Color Effects (Channels – 155, 156, 157)[/align]
[align=left]There are two ways to manipulate the colors and/or[/align]
[align=left]intensities of the logical pixels. The most familiar[/align]
[align=left]way is to set or fade the RGB channels. This permits[/align]
[align=left]great control but can be tedious. The second way is[/align]
[align=left]to use a Color Effect. When using a color effect, the[/align]
[align=left]RGB channels should be off.[/align]
[align=left]If you use the RGB channels and a color effect at[/align]
[align=left]the same time, they will step on each other since[/align]
[align=left]they share the same internal variables in the[/align]
[align=left]Setting the intensity of Color Mode channel 155 to[/align]
one of the following values selects the color effect:

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your welcome Jeff

This forum has so many helpful people with the same goal of mastering the technological advances.

RGB is my new "5000 pound GORILLA" and with the help of all the folks here I am sure we will all gain the skills to pull off some amazing things this season.

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Looks Great Jeff!!! Thanks for posting

Now we are mastering the HARD way, Just think what we can do when we learn the Micros!!!!

Looking forward to the SSS Dan purchased and the MICRO Mystro and this should be a breeze !!!!!

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Thanks Ron. I used CCRs last year and never realized you could use the (don't know what to call it) first white pixel to place the ribbon in the visualizer. I placed RGB in the visualize for every pixel and never used the single "white" dot. For my 6 ribbons, this would have saved me from drawing in 600 dots. I hope I am correct in seeing no need to enter the RGB colors individually. This is why I visit here a lot........you never know what you will learn next.


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