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change unit controller on CCR in sequence editor

Richard M

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Is there some way to change all 50 plus channels to a different designated number controller in sequence editor on CCR's once it's added? Also can you delete a CCR's 50 plus channels in one operation without doing each channel?

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Hi Richard

The one way I have found to change the address is under

tools/channel property grid. One at a time, but it is easier than

changing each id in the channel settings window in a sequence.

As a note, I have each controller/ccr in a seperate track, much easier to

delete a track if needed.

Frank A.:)

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If you down load a free program called "notepad++" you can do a fast find and replace then save off the file again as a .LMS file.

1. Do a SEARCH>REPLACE and add this to the find box (unit="x") where "x" is your unit number to replace then in the replace box do the same thing again (unit="y") where "y' is your new ID number. Omit the parentheses in my examples.

2. Click on "REPLACE ALL" it will search the LMS file and do the unit number change.

If you are only changing a controller and have all 16 channels assigned then the replace should be 16, if it is a CCR then you will get 150 or 157 depending if you have the macro channels in the sequence.

WARNING: make sure your new unit number is not used by another controller or you will have grief sorting out the changes.

I would also save the file out to a new filename in case you have an error and need to start over, use something at the end or your file name to know this is your new ID'd sequence and your original file is still intact.

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