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cosmic colour ribbon

Stuart Littlejohn

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hi all
i wonder if someone can help me.... i have a cosmic color ribbon and i,m trying to start and programme it i have gone through the utility hardware programme and that was ok then i tried to programme the ribbon through the sequence editor in the animation section like the set up said too my problem is when i go to insert extra device (CCR) i right click on channel one like it says to but the prompt insert extra device does not show up,all i get is insert extra channel etc i.m running on the latest software so is this prompt got by clicking some where else in the sequence editor.
please help as i really love these ribbons and want to start using them in my shows any help is very welcome

cheers all

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I'm unable to duplicate your results. The current version is 2.9.4 and I also have 2.8.10 on a different PC. On both, when I right click on any ordinary channel's name I get a dialog box that offers, among other things, an INSERT DEVICE option. Choosing either insert above or insert below brings up another dialog box titled "Add Device." This is where you can select the type of device (it defaults to Cosmic Color Device). Leave everything else alone. When you push okay what should happen is 57 channels are inserted right there - 50 RGB channels and 7 macro channels. I'm unable to not make it work that way. Are you using a demo version or a licensed version of the software?

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