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I think you need to set your Max Units higher than 33 to include your new Unit ID of 1E..

but I might be wrong...


I am probably definitely wrong...now that I see you are asking about DMX stuff...

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First, as Jim suggested... set your max ID to match your controller number

Do you know the DMX channel number(s) that your DMX lights are set to? (I found it easier to mess around with them on channel 1 until i got the hang of everything, then set them accordingly)

Have you tried using the Console (button at bottom of hardware utility)?

When you go into it... select controller type (idmx1000 - LOR%), Select Extended Circuit Ids (on the right). Then select the controller Unit ID that you have your iDMX set to.

You will see a 'Select Channel Group' slider going across the bottom. Go through each 'channel group' and use the Master slider on the left of the console to bring all of the channels in each Group up to 100%... you should see your lights come on, and will be able able to pinpoint exactly where you have your lights channeled to.

I'm still a noob to DMX too, but hopefully this will help you out a bit. Someone else will chime in with more info.

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