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Light Up Ohio 2011 Expo is coming!

Bill Hoffman

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The Light Up Ohio 2011 Christmas/Halloween Expo will be held on May 13th and 14th, in Columbus, Ohio. This is our 5th Annual Expo, and we are looking forward to a fun and educational event. We pride ourselves in helping beginners, as well as including some of the more advanced techniques in the presentations. This event is not just for Ohio residents, we are honored when people come from other states. Last year, we had 14 states, plus Canada, represented. We have a reputation of bringing new and innovative ideas to our hobby, and this year will be no different, with the addition of Halloween lighting ideas.
Please mark your calendars’, and look for more on this at our website http://www.lightupohio.com.


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[align=center][glow=yellow]~Light-Up-Ohio Expo 2011~[/glow]

Registration is now open!!!
If you are planning on attending, go to http://www.lightupohio.com and click on the WebStore and follow the instructions.

[align=center][glow=yellow]~LUO Meet & Greet~[/glow]
The plans are still in the works and we expect to have them finalized soon. We will post the details as soon as they are ready.[/align]

[align=center]If you are coming to LUO Expo 2011, and have a project that you want to share with everyone, and you "need table space" - Please contact me ASAP (for details), as we only have a limited number of tables to work with.[/align]

[align=center]Questions... don't hesitate to ask![/align]

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The Light Up Ohio Christmas/Halloween Expo is quickly approaching. We want to make 2011 the best year ever for the event. Since the attendees have made Light Up Ohio one of the most premier events of it’s kind, this is a tall order. We have been thinking a lot, and asking many questions on how we could improve on an already successful event. Well, thanks to many of the attendees, we have come up with some very exciting changes.

This will be our first year to include Halloween lighting techniques in our presentations. A lot of the same technology, and lighting, you use in your Christmas displays can also be used in your Halloween displays, so they go hand in hand.

We have put a lot of thought into the Meet & Greet, and have decided that although the restaurant atmosphere in the past has served its purpose, it just doesn’t accomplish our main goal. Our main goal of the Meet & Greet is to bring people together, with the same interests, and offer them a place to freely mingle and share ideas one on one. So this year we decided to have it at a private facility, have an old fashioned cookout, and make it easier for people to access others for a more productive experience.

There will be a big change in the format of LUO. Instead of presentations all day long, we are going to try something different. Again, we are listening to the attendees, and will start out with the morning being filled with the most requested topics, as formal presentations. Then we will change it up in the afternoon. We will offer "Elformation Stations". There will be numerous "Elformation Stations" set up, and you can pick and choose which ones you would like to visit. They will offer a wide array of subjects, and should answer a lot of your questions.

All of the formal presentations have been set, but we still have some "Elformation Stations" open. If you want to give back to the community, let me or Jeff Phillips know what you have in mind for one of these sessions, and we will do our best to schedule you in.

Can’t wait to see everybody at Light Up Ohio 2011, May 13-14.


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hopefully there will be a Elformation Station on pneumatics or operations of them also really hoping for diy ppl and renard boards I know LOR is coming out with a cheaper dmx device I just hope it comes out soon before I have to think about using a different software :(

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I just talked to somebody and there will be a whole "Elformation Station" set up just about Renard boards.


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We are excited to release more information about the Light Up Ohio 2011 Christmas/Halloween Expo. It is a 3-day event with a Meet & Greet on Friday evening May 13th, the main event on May 14th and a breakfast get together, to chat, on May 15th.

Here are some of the morning presentations we have confirmed so far:

"An Ideal Website"

"LED’s-How to Modify Typical Strings and Ropelight"

"FM Transmitters and Antennas"

"Intro to Aurora"

Also, we will have "Elformation Stations" set up through out the building, and outside. You will be able to explore topics of your choice, and talk one on one to experts on these particular topics. Some of the "Elformation Stations" available will be Renard Station, Solder Station, Wireframe Design (actual hands on welding), Ropelight Repair, Blow Mold Restoration, "NEW" Snow Tubes, Firefli, Inflatable Animation, and many more.

Along with all of this there will be lots of prizes, plenty of food, our one of a kind Light Up Ohio T-shirt, lots of sharing, and loads of fun. We also encourage you to bring your own projects to show others and to share your ideas. More to come.

Registration is open "now" at www.lightupohio.com.


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Greg Young wrote:

That's a very well thought out approach Bill! :)

You might be setting a new trend!:cool:


I hope it does. There is never enough time in the day to cover everything people are wanting to learn, so hopefully the "Elformation Stations" will help get more information out there in a limited amount of time. Also, we are planning to handle the Meet & Greet differently by bringing everybody together at an old fashioned cookout, instead of a restricted restaurant situation. It's all about giving people the opportunity to talk freely and share ideas.

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Since I started in this hobby as a DIYer, I'm always excited when some of the DIY experts use Light Up Ohio to show off some of their projects. This year we have David Jones, not only doing a formal presentation in the morning, but also setting up an "Elformation Station" of DIY projects in the afternoon. Some of the things he will have to show are:

>- A selection of built Renard boards, including Franks famous 24 port, SS series Renards, the new REN48LSD and even the original REN16 XMAS version !
- Fully functional FM01 and maybe an FM02
- His Wireframe sequence controller based on the SSRez
- And lots of LEDs since he will be giving a talk on how to modify LED strings. (Plus some LED flood boards

You don't want to miss David's presentations. You can sign up now at www.lightupohio.com.


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Hey Bill, I just registered :) You should be getting the Paypal confirm shortly B) Lynn and I are looking forward to a fun event this year. Keep us posted on the Meet & Greet details too as we plan to make it there too! :)


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Can't wait to see you guys again, Gary. LUO is going to be fun this year, and hopefully we will be able to get a wider array of subject matter out there than ever before. I'm hoping the "Elformation Stations" will be a big hit.


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Ok, here is the Hotel info for LUO 2011...

~The host hotel for LUO 2011~

Comfort Suites - Columbus
5547 Keim Circle
Columbus, OH 43228

The Group Rate is


(Check In May 13th - Check Out May 15th)

When making your resevations, specify that you are with the "Light-Up-Ohio" group.

The room block is under my name - Jeff Phillips.

Deadline for reservations is May 6th, 2011

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David posted this over at the DIY site>>>>>


I will be doing a Renard Show and Tell at the Ohio Mini (LUO) in May.

As part of that, I will be making a donation to a lucky person. I will be giving away a Brand New Tenma Temp Controlled Solder Station. I would like to pair that with at least one Renard PCB and parts. (Either Franks or SS or 64 versions)

I'll also give away the appropriate enclosure.

The idea is that I'd give a raffle ticket to anyone that bothers to spend some time at my Renard 'booth'. So.... Hear the Renard and DoityourselfChristmas.com Story and get a free chance to win the ability to build your own controller !

Plus, its yet another reason for folks to attend our 'mini'.

So, I'm unabashedly soliciting donations. I need a blank PCB and I'll take any parts I can get. I can fill-in most of the parts I don't get except the transformer which I don't have in my stash.

If I get more then one PCB and parts set, then more then one person will be a winner.

If you would like to do this, just PM me and I'll send you my address.

Why do this? We all benefit from the efforts of others in this hobby and it never hurts to give it forward.

Thanks in advance !

David .

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This was posted by David (ukewarrior) over at the DIYChristmas, hope to see everybody at the Light Up Ohio 2011 Halloween/Christmas Expo>>>

Here the Do It YourSelf Story and get a chance to win a fabulous prize !

This year, during the LUO afternoon, I will be doing an in-depth explanation (elformation station) of the most popular Do It Yourself Christmas Lighting Controller which is typically known as: Renard.

If you take the time to hear and learn about the Renard, you will be entered into a mini-Raffle that I will be holding. The winner will receive a full kit to build their own Renard Controller ! Your raffle ticket is FREE, you simply need to stop and listen.

This kit will include:

- A Blank Renard Printed Circuit Board

- All of the parts to populate the Circuit Board

- An enclosure to house your new fancy Renard Controller

- A temperature controlled Soldering Station that you can use to build your new controller

- Links to the assembly instructions.

All-in-all, a value of over $100 with tons of free support at: www.doityourselfchristmas.com

So, be sure to save yourself some time Saturday afternoon to hear all about the Renard. This will take about 20 mintues and I will be giving the info multiple times.

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[align=center]~Light-Up-Ohio Meet & Greet~
May 13th, 2011 5pm - 10pm

Hosted by Jon Gillie & his Wife, at their clubhouse

2400 Holt Park Blvd. Grove City OH 43123

This year we are having an old fashion cookout, and the private setting will give everyone the opportunity to chat, share ideas and stories, and have some fun & good food!
We also have a DMX Demo lined up for the evening.

There will be a small fee to help defray the cost of the food & non-alcoholic beverages. Alcohol is permitted, but it's BYOB or whatever you like to drink.

The menu & fee... TBA

A big "Thank You" to Jon & his wife for hosting the event!

Any questions, please feel free to ask!

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Here are some great bargains that will be offered at the Light Up Ohio 2011 Expo by Christmas-LEDS.com

The items that are presently in stock will be discounted as follows-

All LED light strings are 35% off
All Mini Snowfall Light Sets are 35% off
All 11', 19", 31", and 39" Snowfall lights including transformers and extensions are 35% off
All Incandescent Rope Light is 30% off
All LED Rope Light is 35% off
Use this code at checkout LUO2011 and it will automatically deduct 35%
For shipping - Click on "Pick Up" and you will not be charged for shipping since they will deliver free to LUO 2011

Expo Additional Web site sales include -

All bare frames (no lights) are 35% off
All G25 are 50% off
The code is not needed for wire frames and G25's
If anyone wants them to bring any specific item to look at, please send an email to Valerie156@charter.net

Registration is now open at http://WWW.LIGHTUPOHIO.COM May 13-16.


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Wow... looks like some great deals!!!
Go ahead and get your orders in and in a mere 41 days you can have your order!

Yep that's right, LUO Expo 2011 is only 41 days away! You haven't registered yet, you say... why not stop by our webstore and get that taken care of while you are thinking of it!]

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Want to save bundles of money?? Place your orders from the Vendors attending the Light Up Ohio 2011 Expo, and save shipping by picking the items up at the event. I already listed some of the things Valerie has up for sale, and with those discounts you really can't go wrong. Another Vendor attending LUO is Gregg Jones. If you are not familiar with Gregg, he is the Master of Wireframes. He has done several custom designs for me, and has saved me lots of money on shipping. He has a website with some items he has up for sale,
, but he also does custom wireframes. If you can imagine it, Gregg can make it.


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The registration fee for the Light Up Ohio 2011 Expo is $30. http://www.lightupohio.com If you register online, this includes a Continental Breakfast on Saturday morning, all presentations, Lunch, a one of a kind LUO t-shirt, all Elf-Ormation sessions, setup fees and building. Also, on Saturday, we will be having drawings for great door prizes. You can also register at the door for $30, but you will not receive a t-shirt.
The Meet and Greet fees have just been decided, and Jeff is adding them to the website today. We will have to charge a small fee to help us meet expenses, but it will only be $5 per person. We are having an old fashioned cook-out, and will have hamburgers, hotdogs, chicken filets, potato salad, baked beans, macaroni salad, soft drinks, and water. If you would like alcohol, it's BYOB.
The Sunday morning breakfast will just be an informal jam session at a local restaurant (to be announced at the Saturday function). You will be on your own for expenses at the breakfast.
More information is coming soon, as we are finally finalizing plans. If you have any quesions, please feel free to contact Jeff Phillips or myself.
Hope to see you at the Light Up Ohio 2011 Expo.


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