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Testing CTB16PC Kit


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Putting together a CTB16PC kit. Instructions say to refer to User's Manual to test the unit. Basically, what I am reading is ...plug it in. Don't want to fry a board if I did something wrong. Any suggestions? Checked the board, all joints appear to look good and I do not see any bridges. Also, all required orientations seem correct. First soldering I have done in a long time....don't want it to be my last.

Any help would be appreciated

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I would suggest plugging both male plugs into a power strip that has a switch on it. May of them have a circuit breaker in them but that's not required. Then, flip the switch. Your board's LED should start blinking. If you don's smell or see any smoke in 30 seconds you're probably good to go and can start further testing.


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Yea, just do it...the flames only last a couple seconds..(kidding..kidding..)..

After building 3, and having no issues, there still is that moment of apprehension..every good kit/project builder knows it.

More importantly, fully test every channel..at minimum, 0-100% voltage range..really put it thru its paces...better you find out now you have one channel flaky than 11 months from now.

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