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Start by opening up the Seq editor...
Click on "File" then "New" then "Animation sequence"
type in your name...then change 8 to 16 in number of channels to use...
.1 second spacing...
Uncheck "Loop"
Click OK at the bottom...
A grid with 16 channels should pop up... with events spaced .1 seconds apart
The channels will be labeled "Channel1", "Channel2", and so on...
Move the mouse over the name of "Channel1" clik on the name...
Click on "Change Channel settings"....
Name it what you want...pick a color.... click on LOR for device type... pick 1 for Unit , and 1 for Circuit (Circuit is the same as channel on the board)

Is this making sense so far?

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txstraitfan4 wrote:

terrypowerz.................. or anybody answer!!!!!

it was already built, I have the LOR 160xw Light Controller based on the CTB16d Controlled Triac Card.

i do have the full software not the demo, i also have Cat5 50 ft, serial adaptor

i do have a problem so far how to set up configuration in sequence editor

Sorry to have given you a hard time earlier. This is exactly the sort of stuff we need to help you out.

There are a couple of things to check:

1) Make sure you have the right COM port set up in the sequence editor: In the editor, look under the Edit->Preferences->Network Preferences menu. Make sure the "LightORama Network" setting is correct.

2) Open a sequence. Click on one of the channel names. Select "Change Channel Settings". This should say "LightORama Controller" under device type, and Unit shoudl match the Unit ID that is assigned inside the Showtime controller (see your user doc on how to change that). Also assign a circuit (1-16) You need to do this for every channel.

Try those and let us know how it works out.

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txstraitfan4 wrote:

where is the unit ID at

It's a dial on the circuit board near where you plug in the communications cable.

Again you really need to read the docu.

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what does this mean?

[align=center] Port not found [/align]
[align=center]Unable to locate the LOR Port check the controller is connected and that it is powered on. [/align]
[align=center]because of axess errors not all ports wre checked using the lor contol panel make sure shows are disabled.[/align]

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