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Run Light O Rama with DMX?

Leroy Thompson

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thompsol wrote:

A friend who has been in the hobby a long time uses DMX. We are thinking about pooling our resources next year. Is it possible to drive LOR controller boxes with DMX software? He suggested something about a SSR link or something like that? I'm way out of my league here. Can anyone help?


Leroy T.

Yes it is. No additional hardware is needed except a passive adapter to to from XLR->RJ45 (LOR doesn't use the standard DMX over RJ45 spec)

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Leroy, on my website is a decent DMX Primer. Fully understand DMX and what is out there to help you evaluate your options.

LOR controllers can be purely used as DMX AC Dimmer Packs. You just have to assign the base address as the controller ID. They also should have the latest firmware. They are very economical if you get the PC kits and assemble them yourself. Off the shelf DMX AC Dimmers cost hundreds of dollars more.

Used in a pure DMX Universe, you don't require the LOR iDMX. They are however working on a cheaper DMX interface we hope for 2011. If you want to run a blend of LOR and DMX, then you would require an iDMX.

Give us some more info on how you may be driving your DMX universe. What software.

Merry Christmas.

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