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Now for MY CCR problems


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I didn't 'Plan" my CCR addition this year. I set up my show , then we decided what we would do. I went with an 8ft tall Bethlehem Star. (2 CCRs, splitting the star bilaterally)

Since I hadn't planned ut, I began the show by merely having the star all one color at a time. No problems.
Now that I had a week to try some things, I have made some color chases and fades. One side does exactly as I expect, the other goes a little haywire, with missing segments, stuff rotating out of order etc. All one color works fine. Fading colors or chasing stuff makes one side get weird.

Any thoughts

PS I should let you know, I do my display at my MOMs house, 25 miles away, so I can't hook up except in the evenings when I go out there.

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My first suspicion would be the firmware. Are both running the same and/or latest firmware? Second, I'd suspect a connection might be loose, although that seems unlikely since they work ok with solid colors. Check with the hardware utility to make sure they're both set up exactly the same.

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