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CCR simple chase using SE v2.9.4

George Cotton

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I'm looking into getting a CCR for future use. In the mean time, I'm trying to get a grip on how this all works before making a purchase. The number of channels, macros and everything are a bit mind boggling.

Does anyone have a simple CCR example using max resolution of one kind or another (I really don't care) using the LOR Seq Editor. I just need a starting point to see how it all fits together.

I've seen several videos of CCR's in opeation and became intrigued. I know there is a 3rd party software package available, but wanted to see the LOR side first before dropping even more cash.

email: gcotton (you know) gmail (period) XXX

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The CCR was released over a year ago, and many folks have posted their sequences for the CCR in this forum.

I looked at sequences and studied the manual before I ever tried to sequence my two CCRs. In my experience, nothing made any sense until I hooked up my CCRs and was able to see what effect the commands in the sequence really did.

Last year we did our sequences using S2 versions 2.7.x. This year S2 versions 2.8.x were released which included the RGB tool and made writing sequences even easier. Still I hooked up my CCRs so I could see what was really happening, and I'm very familiar with the LOR software!

With even more RGB fixtures becoming available, including the new Cosmic Color Bulbs, I really expect to see future software changes coming in the New Year to provide even more support to these multipixel devices.

Since you didn't mention what time frame you are thinking of for your "future use", my suggestion is to look through this forum for some of the sequences already posted, keeping in mind that some were sequenced using 2.7.x without the RGB channels and others may have been done with 2.8.x with RGB channels.

If I had looked at CCR sequences before I bought my 2, I probably wouldn't have bought them, because nothing was making any sense.

Just my opinion.

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