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Controller Dead?


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Hey eveyrone,

So I just finished setting up my 32 channel show. I decided to set up a show in my neighborhood and ask for donations for american cancer society. I pulled cash together and wanted to put on something that could actually bring in some nice donations.

I put my controllers in snaptite containers to avoid water. Unfortunately the lid blew off in a freak wind storm and it rained all night and some water got in the controller. I dried it out and plugged it in.

The LED is off. If I plug it in the center microtran gets warm. The fuses have so resistance to them from a multimeter so I dont think its them. Am I out of luck?

Please help, today was supposed to be launch day and I think I just screwed up a really good cause.

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Guest wbottomley

Uh... why did you put them in a snaptite container? If the boards have their own boxes, that was unnecessary.

Send an email to support@lightorama.com and describe the problem with the unit.

It sounds like a little moisture still remains.

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That chip has shorted out. It can happen by a split second short across pins on the 18 pin header or strong static charge (>14kv) and I am sure some other things can happen.

You need to have a replaement sent to you. Open a ticket at http://lightorama.com/support/ ... Include your shipping address and that you need a new comm chip.


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