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New guy made the news!

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We made the news last night with our Halloween display!


Theres a post to the display video in the Show forum.

I've learned alot from this forum, and the people at light-o-rama pulled some strings so I got my stuff on time for our start date. Thanks!

This is a great forum!:]

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I just wanted to say amazing display, the last frame of the video on your website it apppears that you have some video of setting up the display. Care to share any of the highlights from that?

Logan Moore

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I'm using 32 (16x2) channels from LOR of course! All of the lights are 18' rope lights (purple) with the exception of the strobes and a few blue icicle lights tossed across the front door. The trees out front now have purple lights on them (not bright enough to use in the show IMO).

I'm running everything off a laptop from the front window. The FM transmitter is the Belkin mod. It broadcasts about 1/8 of a mile if you do the correct antenna length for your specific frequency. Seems to be quite the controversy here..;) As cheap as it was I decided to do that before dropping the extra cash for a Ramsey. You lose a little high-end and some fidelity with the Belkin, but I tweaked it a bit with the EQ on the laptops sound controls and its fine.... Besides, everyones car stereo varies so much that its not going to be the same across the board anyway.

For the sequencing I tapped out the basic beat only. I went back and adjusted it at 1/2 speed to get the beats exactly on note and then copied them one section at a time (verse, chorus, etc). Sequencing is just like other art forms... the technique is the same... Start with rough shapes and refine down to detail.

We recorded the voice overs here and I edited them in my recording app... I explained this in more detail on the other post in show&tell:

"The voice belongs to a friend of mine (David) that works at a local music store here. I do multimedia/animation/web design/etc for a living, so I recorded/edited all of the audio here.
I wrote out several lines I wanted to use for the "ad" part of the audio. I recorded David saying the lines and then duplicated that track. On the copied track I added a pitch shift and lowered his voice an octave. I mixed the original and the pitch shifted tracks until I had a combination I was happy with.
Theres actually a 5 minute section that counts down to the show that you dont see on the video. This section contains things like "4 minutes til the next show!!", and the bells counting down, 5 chimes, 4 chimes, etc.
I mixed all of this over a song called "Mantra" by TOOL, and then added some Disney sound effects. Tool and Disney.........terrifying.:laughing:
We wanted the display up and running on the first of October, so that left about 2 weeks to put the whole thing together. Luckily the people at light-o-rama helped us out and we got everything on time."

For you guys that want to do some editing/multitrack recording/mixing and voice overs of your own without the expense, you can download several free multitrack recording apps to try. Its alot of fun.

I actually cut a few minutes out of some of the songs... If its to repeatative, people get bored... That "This is Halloween" tune...... I heard it in my sleep!!!!!! I'd wake up with it in my head..... Thats where the "I'll need an icepick to get that song out of my head" line came from... So it got cut down by over a minute.


The traffic really picked up last night.. It was a Friday and the day after the news story was on (they re-ran it on the morning news too).

We had set a goal of 50 families to supply Christmas gifts to this year. We have enough sponsors for 40 right now. I think we are going to push the goal up to 100.

This rocks.


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dude, watched the entire show on your site, the show rocks, what did you use to alter your voice? awsome job, now im jealous i didnt do a holloween display, but now worries, allready have 19 songs sequenced for christmas

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Loved your display! We live in Hall county Ga near Lake Lanier. Great job. We just ordered our Light O Rama. Was the sequential lighting hard? How many channels did you have? We are novice at this and hope for something unique for our neighbors to enjoy. Did you use an FM transmittor?

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Congrats on the positive story and the publicity. I love the idea of sponsering a family at Christmas and would like to do the same. What do you require of a sponser $/family. Do you donate the cash directly to the charity or do you take them toys?

Seems like you have it figured out so why re-invent the wheel?

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