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Pixal 38 is bad


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Got out my CCR's and hooked them up to do some more programming using macros. Since the visualizer doesn't support macros I needed to see the results on the ribbons. Anyway during one of my songs that I already completed and wanted to see on the live ribbons I noticed that pixal 38 was yellow instead of 50% white like the rest of the pixals. I checked the programming and it all looked correct, I even tried a different song and still pixal 38 was messing up. I plugged that ribbon onto a different controller and still got the same results. I even wrote a different one minute all white 100% sequence but that pixal wanted yellow. Of course during different color fading I was getting some strange color results but not the right ones.

My next step is to get ahold of LOR support and get it replaced. Does anybody know if they will just replace the ribbon or are they going to want the the controller too?, it's already mounted in a weatherproof box.

Also any idea how quick the turn around time is on a CCR? I only have 19 days until I light up.

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I had a couple ribbons with either bad pixels or flacky points in the ribbons. LOR sent new ribbons and a box and address label to return the old ones. I didn't have to send the whole thing back.


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Now my other ribbon is acting up, All pixals are staying on except number one. everything was fine last night when I went to bed but when I got and tried to start this morning I started turning things on and that ribbon turned all the way on without the sequence even started.

I tried reseting the cotroller, and even reloading the firmware but that didn't help. So I plugged that ribbon into the other controller and same thing the whole ribbon was on exept pixal one.

I inspected the ribbon(which I have coiled up on my end table next to me) for any damage or possible problems and the only thing I found was that the end by pixal 1 was not sealed properly. This still should not have been a problem YET (would have been once I put it outside and the rain and fog started) But I have not gotten any moisture on it.

Is anyone else have this many problems with these ribbons? They are way too expensive to just say "OH WELL I'll just have to deal with it"

Now I have to return both of my ribbons and hope that I have them for my display this year.

After closer inspection I found the real cause. I will start a new thread to explain.

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