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Soldering PC boards


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I started soldering my first of three boards and started having trouble with the resistors near the output terminals. The one side of the resistor goes good but the side that looks like it has a common that goes all the way down to all terminals, I can't get the solder to get into the hole like its not heating the foil enough. I have an adjustable soldering station and this is the first circuit board I have done.

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Those do take a fair bit of heat. You don't really need those to fully flow through to the top, but you do need to be sure that both the circuit card and resistor are fully wetted with the solder, with none of the balling up that signifies a cold solder joint.

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This is the same post I made over on PC

It sounds like you are not using enought heat and solder but read below.

I use a 30 watt iron for the small items and a 45 watt for the big stuff.

Here are a few tips for you.

Make sure the tip of the iron is clean. File it some to remove anything that is on the tip it should be clean and shiny to start. I clean my tip with a wet sponge during soldering and then file it clean after every board. If the tip is has heavy oxidation and or a build up of old solder it can insulate the tip.

Let the iron get hot for several minutes and then take some solder and tin the tip just give it a small dab of solder and coat the tip.

Hold the iron to the component and the board for 2 seconds and then touch the solder to the iron and component.

Watch the solder melt and keep the iron on the board for another second or so and the additional heat will draw the solder into the hole and to the other side.

Be careful that you don't burn the solder pads on the board.

Here is a good video about soldering take some time and look at it.

Let me know if you need more help.


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