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iDMX Device ID question


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Last night (Halloween) was my first chance to test my RGB flood lights.

I ran into a brief snag with my sequence, but quickly discovered the problem. It leads to a question regarding iDMX.

I changed the ID of my iDMX from the default to x40.

I tested all of my RGB floods (individually) using the newly programmed iDMX (setting the device to x40 in the console).

When I went to sequence, I opened the channel list and made all the flood channels live on device ID x40. Although it worked fine in the visualizer, my floods were not behaving correctly in real life. The behavior was about 98% correct, but I seemed to have one or two renegade channels that responded to the "wrong" channel.

It turns out that even though it appeared I was allowed to have my colors live in ID x40, LOR changed them to x41 when I wasn't looking. (remember, the Device ID of my iDMX was still x40). Once I changed it to x41, all worked perfectly.

So my question is - why are the X0 device IDs omitted from the RGB setup in LOR?

I am using 2.8.10.

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Please disregard my question - I did not realize that ID X0 is used for Legacy DMX. it's all clear now.

I do think that LOR should not be forcing IDs to a valid state without telling me, though.

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