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FTDI driver update


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Did this happen to anyone else?

Last night I decided to check window update and it suggested a driver update to FTDI usb to serial port. I allowed it to install and have had a hard time getting going again. It took reviewing/changing, Hardware util, SE settings, device driver settings and three reboots to control lights.

My old port 4 seems to be permanently reserved for something. I had to change to port 7.

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It changed mine from Com3 to Com6. When I go to the Device Manager settings for the device, Advanced, I can get a drop down list of COM ports and COM3 is "In Use" though I have no other adapter plugged in.

Win 7 64bit

May be time for some Registry searches.

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I didn't much like the shifting of what HAD BEEN COM4 up to COM12

So I found this page:

and was able to remove (almost) all the old but reserved COM port entries.
Still have a COM6 and COM8 that won't go away.
But my D-Light adapters are once again COM4 and COM5.
My two new Lynx DMX Dongles are coming up as COM7 and COM10 (since they also use FTDI chipsets)

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Danger! danger Will Robinson!!!

You HAVE to remember that you are probably removing drivers and resources that are used when you plug in thumbdrives, ext HD's and the like!!

BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING... Read thru the comments on that page or ya gonna wonder why stuff doesnt work anymore..

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