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LOR and Martin LJ


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I'm looking to see if Light-O-Rama has ever supported a Martin Light Jockey USB DMX controller. I do small scale concert lighting and control it live with the Light Jockey software. However, this year we're doing things a little different. I need to do a choreographed light show with pre-recorded music for a part of this concert. I know the Sequence editor and the iDMX would do the job perfectly, but I don't own an iDMX or wish to switch between DMX modules in the middle of a show.

So, would there be a way for me to use the Martin USB DMX controller with the Sequence editor? I'll also note that all the fixtures are DMX -- no LOR controllers.

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I know there are different versions of LJ. Does your version of LJ support DMX in triggering? If so then you could send a DMX signal from LOR to trigger the cue list or the other way around by using a DMX relay.

You would go from LJ to an external DMX relay which in turn would be used to trigger a sequence in LOR via the Show Director.



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