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CCR Update Problem Resolved

Dennis Cherry

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I was updating the firmware on a new CCR to V1.06.

Firmware update went smoothly, next changed the unit ID from 01 to 02.

Loaded a sequence and the CCR was acting like it was in Legacy mode but the settings showed it should not be in Legacy mode.

Opened the console and selected the "Extended Circuits ID."

Started with ID 01 and used the ALL ON slider, nothing would light on the CCR strip, as it should not since my ID was 02.

Moved to ID 02 and the first 16 pixels of the ribbon came on as expected. Next moved to ID 03 and moved the All On slider and the second 16 pixels came on. This should not happen as the firmware was not set Legacy mode.

Checked more ID's and the appropriate 16 pixels came on in the ribbon.

Put another CCR controller on the ribbon and everything worked fine on as it should on only 1 unit ID and no other ID numbers.

Went back and checked the setup for the CCR in the hardware utility between the working controller and non working controller. I found one small difference between the two. The second controller had a "Standalone Speed" setting of 9 and not the recommended setting of 8. Just over looked that originally, changed it to 8 and did a update.

Used the Console again and everything worked as it should on one unit ID and now functions correctly in a sequence.

Before this I was getting both the extended channels and legacy channels being displayed on the CCR ribbon in a sequence.

Just a FYI. I do not know why the "Standalone Speed" setting would affect the non standalone operation.

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It was not the "Standalone Speed" setting after all.

Found out if you do any changes to the CCR Configuration Screen, the changes do not work until you power cycle the controller.

This was not documented in the manual received with the CCR's.

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