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3 New Sequences


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I'll upload the LOR 2 files tonight. You will need to get some of the audio files from me, because they are a home made mix.

4 - 8 channel arches, 3 color mega tree 8 channels each color. 3 colors on windows and house outline. 12 mini trees.

Reply to this post for a copy of the picture of my home for the animation and the music, and I'll email it to you.

"Where Are You Christmas" - includes a grinch intro and outro

"Jack Sparrows theme" - includes vocal intro and outro

"What's This" (from Nightmare before Christmas) - No special recording. You might be able to sync this one yourself.

I have a Silent Night Version by Stevie Nicks that I don't like, but my other half insisted that I do it.

Let me know if you are interested.

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I've been getting Private Messages asking what audio I am using. Some of the songs are home edited. I have no problem sending them to you. Just ask. They really are worth a try, but again they don't make much sense without getting the proper audio files from me.

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