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  1. 5 units16 CTB16PC channel kit Hight power heatsinks don’t use any more change direction on light All working check video Plus shipping and pay by paypal Unit 1 $120 one channel not working need change # 2 ic or trac Unit 2 $130 test ok Unite 3 $120 test ok Unit 4 120 test ok Unit 5 120 test ok All 5 for575.00 https://youtu.be/tAX_OJfFiAs unit 3 https://youtu.be/EogjrckWoGw unit 1 https://youtu.be/EJnHHA73yWQ unit 4 https://youtu.be/ncJaa7EjA0w unit 2 https://youtu.be/dK1WT3rMNGI unit 5
  2. i have 6 controle lor see the link. http://diylightanimation.com/index.php?topic=15576.0
  3. Very nice! I would also like a copy, if it is available. Your hard work will be greatly appreciated dnbertin@hotmail.ca
  4. May I have a copy as well? dnbertin@hotmail.ca Thanks
  5. I send email this morning to have license or update I still waiting from them for response I need this update now Ouf Thank for reply
  6. I have S3 2.7 advance before and update to 3.10.14 just Demo I want to remove 3.10.14 to go old vision to continue to work on my sequence and put my light on tonight . I try registration on online they can find my email or name .I not lucky since 2009 i have LOR I alway have trouble for update Thank I love that software Daniel
  7. Don't touch my setup hahahaha I have good deal I thing I have little bit to much I go to see this holiday
  8. I have 6 Board and I start to play with DMX pixel this is my setup for this years
  9. Looking to Buy USB DMX Module Address Programmer and Software (Version 2) to shipped in Canada Thank DAn
  10. I'm trying to figure the wiring usb to RJ45 and programmer I went to holidayCoro.com USB DMX I try to buy Module Address Programmer and Software (Version 2) I can't They don't shipping to Canada So I need figure something by myself To Bad Thank DAn
  11. CTB16PC from LOR 100.00 all assembler never use Pay by Paypal + shipping
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